Fireplace Tiles Impress On Any Budget

Fireplace Tiles

Many home improvement projects can be quite costly and time consuming. Adding new tile to your fireplace surround, hearth, or both is one upgrade which can provide some serious value despite the relatively small size of the job. And by doing so, you can drastically increase the safety and appearance of your home while keeping your pockets full at the same time.

The Best Material For The Job

Because it is fire resistant, tile actually acts as a barrier between your fireplace and the rest of your house. This of course helps to prevent flames from reaching out of the firebox and starting a blaze in your home or causing expensive damage. Unlike other options, fireplace tiles can withstand exceedingly high temperatures. They also can deal with rapid changes in temperature as well, so when going from no fire at all to one which is very hot you won’t have to worry about any cracking or breakage. Discoloration due to high heat is not a concern either. Of course each specific tile material will have its own unique capabilities.

Tiny Space But Big Results

Even though the fireplace itself is comparatively small it is often the focal point of the room. For this reason, even with a minimum of effort, you can really make a big impact. By simply adding some Edwardian or Victorian fireplaces tiles with their richly colored motifs to your surround for example or stone tiles to your hearth you will be tremendously enhancing the look of your home.

Using stone for both the surround and hearth can also be stunning especially if you prefer a more natural look. Many stones in particular can also provide an incredibly luxurious and upscale feel as well. Marble and granite tiles can accomplish this wonderfully while also highlighting the natural variation in color and pattern that is the hallmark of these materials.

Fireplace Tiles
Small Investment Yet Large Return

It is actually the small scale of the project combined with the effects it has when completed that make adding or replacing fireplace tiles such a great value. As opposed to other home projects the entire job usually only requires a handful of tiles in total. Less material means a much lower cost overall and that can really help even homeowners on a tight budget to end up with a fantastic looking fireplace.

Not having to buy as much tile can often allow you to purchase higher quality or more expensive individual tiles than you’d be able to when completing a larger project and without breaking the bank. This is especially true when it comes to many of the natural stones. And of course don’t forget the small size of the job ensures it can be completed much more quickly so you can enjoy the results in days instead of weeks or months.

A gorgeous fireplace is something that is within everyone’s reach even with a very limited budget. Installing new fireplace tiles is the safest, best looking, and wallet-friendly way to accomplish it. Regardless of whether you want to design your own, go with something more classic, elegant or totally natural, tile makes it possible!

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